How To Create A WhatsApp Ecommerce Website.


Ecommerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods electronically online. Its popular because of the many benefits of e-business -internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce — this is broken up into two parts.

  • Online retail shopping that goes directly to consumers through mobile apps, websites and even voice assistants, chats, chatbots etc.
  • Sellers being a part of online marketplaces where many third-party sales take place.

WhatsApp is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and also a big place for online stores to gain customers to boost sales of their products. But nothing shows how professional a business individual or an online merchant is like a Professional website for his or her store.

This is a full course to teach you have to develop a fully functional and beautiful website for your Store be it online or offline. This website isn’t just restricted to just WhatsApp only, it cuts across all social media platforms from twitter, Instagram, snapchat etc.

Let’s get right into it. For the purpose of this lecture and taking into consideration that a lot of you might not really be familiar with programming, this will be totally simple as I will walk you through every step of the way with the aid of pictures and videos so you can follow every step and learn faster. Do well to watch them as many times as you need to until you are good.

We will be using an App/Software called Vepaar, it’s a platform we have developed to help host all Ecommerce websites completely for free and it’s very easy to handle and navigate through. Here are examples of websites I developed for people using this exact method I'm about to teach you >>





Don’t they look professional and smart?

Advantages of ecommerce website:

The online marketplace is a good platform for you to expand your business. We are going to explain what kind of advantages there are by sharing what we know about online selling. In brief, these are the plus points we will talk about.

1. Faster buying process
2. Store and product listing creation
3. Cost reduction
4. Affordable advertising and marketing
5. Flexibility for customers
6. No reach limitations
7. Product and price comparison
8. Faster response to buyer/market demands
9. Several payment modes

How To Set Up An Ecommerce Website:

In this section, you will be taught how to set this up both on mobile phone and on a computer. Make sure to watch all the videos carefully 2 or 3 times before practicing to carefully understand the processes. Each video in this section is comprehensive enough and all centered to buttress the same point.



Make sure to watch all the videos carefully 2 or 3 times before practicing to carefully understand the processes.

How to Set Payment Options:

For the Payment Options there are a bunch of ways you could receive payment for your products.

Note: Always remember to click save after each change you make

  1. Pay Later : which could be edited as Payment on delivery from the lecture video above.

It is also the most preferred method of payment for many Online traders as it can be set so that once a customer makes an order and completes the info required, all the order details like number and types of products order , their names, address etc. will all be sent to your WhatsApp Dm for you to see and close the sale there. The customer also will be automatically redirected to your WhatsApp Dm to make payment directly to you if need be or contact you for any other information.

Go to your Dashboard , it should look like this:

>Click Settings icon, And make sure you set your store name and currency correctly. It is very important to avoid any problems in product prices. It should look like this:

>Go to Dashboard and Click Payment icon, then select Pay Later to set this option. It should look like this:

After this, Click On Settings below Pay Later section to set the name you want. Could be either “ Pay later” or “ Payment on Delivery”. it should look like this:

>Go to Dashboard and Click Checkout icon. The go under the Order section, there you will select the type of information you want your customer to deliver at while making their orders e.g. name, email, address etc. You can also select Note within this section so the customer can provide any other information they think you should have. It should look like this:

Also under this , select the settings section right next to the order icon, you will be brought to a text Box where you can leave any necessary information you have for your customer while they make their order. It should look like this:

Also under this, Click the WhatsApp section right next to the order icon, you would be brought to the section which will enable you to receive all order details directly to your WhatsApp number all you have to do is Choose Your WhatsApp Number function and input your WhatsApp number. Upon inputting that, if you have already previously set your WhatsApp number initially while registering, it should select that number by default except you choose to change afterwards click save. It should look like this:

Then lastly, Click Mobile No. section right next to the WhatsApp section, here all you have to do is TURN ON the Status and OTP Verfication function to enable customers verify their numbers while completing their orders.

After a customer makes an order with this payment option , all details will be sent to you personally and they’ll look like this:

that's all.

3. Stripe:

Well after going through this course you should be equipped enough to develop a website for your self and not have to pay anyone unnecessary money to do something you can develop on your own even within the comfort of your bed. BONUS You can also create a business strategy around this and create websites for your friends and family for a really cheap price as a side hustle for yourself. Personally I can say I have made 4–5 figure income for myself weekly from this website development among other digital services that I do, AND GUESS WHAT! you can do it too.



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